Installation / Maintenance

We design solutions, produce them in consultation with our customers, and then send out our assembly teams to install and electrically connect the elements. Due to a nationwide network of service technicians, comprising own teams as well as long-affiliated partner companies, we can react flexibly and quickly to carry out the assembly. PS: We are of course also ready to assist with installation works for products provided by other manufacturers!



KLOSTERMANN GROUP has been able to develop expertise in the installation of charging stations for electric cars in recent years. We are familiar with a wide variety of charging systems from well-known manufacturers. We can offer you the full range of services from survey, project mangement and even the civil engineering. Installation and maintenance carried out throughout Europe hundreds of times. Your e-mobility service from a single source!

Project management

The KLOSTERMANN GROUP offers you a comprehensive package for your brand conversions from a single source. This package can be tailored to your individual project requirements.


1. Project-related database solution

The basic structure is a project-related database solution.
In this all relevant data are provided, both for internal processing, as well as for you as a customer via an online interface.



Project Image

2. Surveys on site

On-site inspections and measurements carried out with tablet computers and specially programmed apps.
The data sent is immediately part of the database in real time and can be further processed internally and externally.


Project ImageProject Image

3. Visualization

Visualizations are created in consultation with you as a customer and are ultimately released by you.


Project ImageProject Image

4. Creation of commercial documents

Based on the creative releases, the commercial documents are created.

5. Planning application

Building applications including the necessary site plans are created or requested by us, if desired.
We as the applicant maintain contact with the responsible building authority and inform you about the current processing status.


Project ImageProject Image

6. Product development

New products or special solutions are designed in our technical department.
These CAD and/or Inventor data form the basis for our production.



Project ImageProject Image

7. Scheduling and coordination

Of course, KLOSTERMANN also takes care of the scheduling and coordination of the individual assemblies.
In close cooperation with you, milestones and beat numbers are determined, which can then be tracked together using the database.


Project ImageProject Image

8. Preparations for assembly

Preparatory measures such as civil engineering or painting work can also be organized and coordinated by us with the help of our network.


Project Image

9. Installation

Finally, the assembly takes place at the desired location with the planning of appropriate transport trucks and assembly capacities.
Once the site has been successfully accepted, billing can be initiated.


Project Image

10. After sales services / Maintenance

Even after projects completed - or quite independently - we are happy to take care of the value preservation, care and an overall representative appearance of your advertising systems.